Our house design was imaginative and unique. It became a reality because of the builder we had – Jason Iggleden (Modline Building).
It was not an easy house to build – requirements for a sound building, capable of withstanding harsh weather, the use of new materials, and unique features such as a cantilevered staircase, made it a challenge for most builders. Jason’s innovative and creative approach have made our home distinctive without being obstrusive.
Building/renovating is almost always an ordeal – we know, because this was our fourth time around. The difference this time was that we had a builder who was “on our side”. He was just as keen for the fantastic drawings to become a reality. Not only did they become a reality but Jason’s attention to detail, thoughtful building procedures and care in execution meant our house design became a fantastic home.

Bruce Chapman and Linda Harper

April 2010

Jason and his Team from Mod Line can always be expected to add to the Design and Development process in their pursuit to achieve the intended Architectural outcomes of the project in hand. We greatly enjoy working with Jason for both the quality of the end product and the rapport that exists during the job.


Mr. Terry Savill

realize architecture

Modline Building were the contractors on one of our projects involving extensive alterations and additions to a large complex house in Vaucluse. Jason brought foresight , flexibility and know how to an often difficult and unique set of problems. He resolved issues fast and painlessly, maintained a vibrant and energetic building site and achieved a high quality finish.
The ultimate testimonial though is a happy client. This is always our aim and Modline building ensured a great outcome. We will definitely recommend Modline to future clients.

Andrea Wilson

nominated architect 6138

simpson wilson architecture + urban design

My wife and I have worked with Jason and Modline before and we were keen to use them again when we had to do a major renovation of our new home in Vaucluse. Jason and his team really care about the quality of the work they do. He thinks through the details of the work before he starts, identifying potential issues in the design before they arise, which ensures the job is done right the first time.

All the best